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Lover of Life and Pursuer of Dreams – In her wilderness, she took the first step to success by creating this blog where her passion lies. Join her as she unravels this so-called life in journeying with her travels, books, cooking/baking, and a whole lot of stuff. She’s more than thrilled to share this part of her life with all of you as she #traveltofindforever.

Facts about her:

Name: Christy Rose Agris
Profession: Nurse
Work/Passion: Freelance Writer in Upwork, Contributor Writer in Thought Catalog and Roar.com, Blogger, Aspiring Author, and an Entrepreneur in progress.
Dream Destination: Europe
Goal: Like you, of course, travel and experience “new firsts” as far as I can and story-tell you everything I experienced (as much as I can.)

#traveltofindforever revelation

It all started after a heartbreak, where wandering was her first and final step to moving on. Who would have thought traveling could open her heart to new adventures, new people, new perspectives, and gives her a chance to discover her unknown. She learns the hard way in life, she’s stubborn, she falls in love without fear, she’s limitless, she has the kindest heart, she understands yet overanalyze, she has standards yet willing to compromise, she’s hurt but healing is possible, and she grows from the things that caused her pain; that started her way to blogging.

She wears her broken pieces beautifully without hesitations and put it into writing the way it deserves. She finally decided to submit her articles to thoughtcatalog.com (a digital magazine) and it led her way to become a writer when they officially published her writings one-by-one. Here’s a link if you’re interested too 🙂 My Thought Catalog

Now, her long-overdue dream of building her own blog site has started. She believes that a small step in a right direction will go a long way. Giving up has never been her option. Yes, she rests but never gives up. You shouldn’t too!

Hi, loves! Wanna you know more? Subscribe to my blog, follow me in my social media accounts (link in my page) I would like to know all of you more, send me an email if you like or better yet, let’s travel, explore together and spread my official hashtag #traveltofindforever

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  1. Good job pretty! I’m really happy for you..😃Continue inspiring more people through your blogs and persuading them to travel especially here in the Philippines. I’ll be always here to follow your posts. 😊

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