Life has its Own Way of Working Things Out

Life comes in different packages. What we will have, it’s a surprise! Either you’ll have the economy, regular or deluxe suite. But whatever it is, you have to live like YOLO (You Only Live Once). Live like everything is falling into its proper places though some things isn’t. Yes, there will always be lapses, mistakes, troubles, and betrayals but who cares, we aren’t perfect. Embrace the imperfections and learn how to dance with it using your normal coping mechanisms.

Life. (*sigh) Yeah, not so easy. It’s actually complicated and bold. But you know what? We just have to jump in and swim through it until we finally figure out our purpose. We will never know unless we try to and we will never ever realize how amazing life could turn out. After all, life is too short for playing safe.

Go out, Explore, Work, Travel, Socialize, Fall in love, Get hurt, Heal and Grow

Don’t be so dramatic and uptight to stay in your house just to; eat and get fat, watch television which is so pathetically overrated and sleep all day as if you’ve done enough for the day. Darling, life has a lot to offer. It doesn’t end in that four-wall room. Your life isn’t something you can rewind.There’s no such thing as fairy God-mother who will help you out to get away from your awful and sad living. Magic isn’t real until you make your own. So get up and help yourself, take that happy pill and put some glow on your face. Remember, never ever fear of being vulgar, fear of being boring.

If you’ll ask me about my learnings now that I’m twenty-seven, I would say “Love yourself” Quite simple, right? But that is one thing we tend to neglect all the time. Give value to your own being, treat yourself after a whole hell week at work. It will really help to bring back the good aura. Well, I kinda spoil myself in terms of that.

In this bizarre world, I’ve learned how to hold on when almost everything in me is falling apart, to strive when I have no choice and to make use of the things that I have when I think I’m losing too much. Life is kinda bumpy but I wouldn’t mind riding with it cos in this perfect way, I know I’m growing.


It’s always a mystery how everything falls into its proper places. It happens unexpectedly in a way that you’re not even aware.

Singlehood has been a blessing in disguise! Life is fast changing every single day. The moment you wake up each morning is already a miracle. I do believe in magic, I do believe in fairytales, I do believe in serendipity and I do believe that anything in life is possible unless you try.

I seem to have a career though it’s not nice paying but still I consider, professional in my chosen field, has a wide social circle, pleasing personality, acceptable philosophies in life, spontaneous lifestyle, and single yet happy. This is the best stage I will ever be in. I have been enjoying my singlehood for quite some time. To be honest I have my own fair share of ups and downs all through these years but I know this was a journey worth taking.

I had come to know myself more down from the little things up to the important details. Eventually learned that ice creams are my best comfort food ever and that I am always fascinated with pasta. I became certain that yellow is my all-time favorite color and for some reason I love buying things that is red. I became aware of my temper and my childish attitude, and somehow know that I got plenty of patience now. By and by I had the time to think and surprisingly fascinated by my written outputs. I am still certain that I love receiving love letters than some expensive gifts. One-by-one discovered the adventurous side of me when I began wandering; climb the mountain, cross rivers, stand and jump on a cliff. Finally realized that I am capable to exceed my limits.

It’s liberating to know yourself and it’s crucial as sometimes you may not understand your choices but that’s actually the point of singlehood, understanding and accepting every inch of you before expecting anyone to do that for you.

I can accomplish my very own life bucket list at my own pace. I can even give my best shot in my career growth. See that? I literally have the world upon my feet. Experience everything and seize every moment, because you have all the time in the world.

It’s sad that most of the single people these days are exhausting all their efforts and energy they have in order to find the right one; I’ve been there before, done that but enjoying this freedom for a while. Imagine yourself forty to fifty years from now, while sitting on your rocking chair, what are the things that you could possibly regret not doing when you were younger? Then do them now. Follow your most intense obsessions. Do things that scare you the most, because there is nothing greater than doing things you think you cannot do.

Pour out your love extravagantly that when people see it, they get moved and wonder how and why you never run out of love to give away.

My time for love will eventually come, but I need not stop my world from revolving while waiting for it. Singlehood is one of the best times of my life and I am embracing it. I never know, I might be done with this phase before I know it. Can I say I lived it well and enough? What is the most daring thing I’ve done so far?

Forty to fifty years from now, these will all become my own stories to share with my future partner, to my children, and even to my grandchildren. They’ll be amazed to know how cool their granny was when she was young.

I believe that life is all about timing, there’s a reason for Singlehood

This is the time I realized that I deserve a man who doesn’t agree with me all the time but when we argue, it feels as if we’re pushing each other to be our best selves. Someone who wants to sit down and talk with me until dusk turns to dawn about new beginnings, aspirations, desires, goals, the unknown, the indescribable feeling of ecstasy when we’ve accomplished something successfully. The one who knows that the touch of warm skin sometimes says more than a thousand conversations could.

I know I deserve someone just as independent and driven as I am. A partner who will inspire me and share the same vision as mine. The one who has his own goals and identity, and we will be each other’s support system. Someone who will trust me enough to give me space to grow. Someone who pushes me to travel down a path of understanding, to be unashamed and to fill myself with courage. A man who will be my partner in almost everything; in business career, in travelling, in a long chill in the coffee shops, in every meal, in every wine night, in every cup of tea, in every drop of disappointments, in every heavy load, in every mood swings, in every laughter, and toward success.

In Singlehood, you’ll discover your own person

I’m learning to let love find me when it’s real, when it’s simple, when it’s mutual and when it’s passionate.
Love is not complicated as it seems, all I know from sitting in a cafe this afternoon; while sipping a teal gray tea, is that this is what I’ve been longing for the entire years, funny how it’s that long now. I feel lonely sometimes but it doesn’t bother me because I know, God got me. He’ll surely arrive, and when he does, I won’t let go. I know this a bit far-reaching but I don’t care. I’ve been through a lot of ups and down, I wouldn’t mind taking the risk with caution, this time.

Sometimes in life, actually often times in life, God will allow you and me to go through brokenness, failures, mistakes, and disappointments; so that he can use us even more.

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