Life has its Own Way of Working Things Out

Life comes in different packages. What we will have, it’s a surprise! Either you’ll have the economy, regular or deluxe suite. But whatever it is, you have to live like YOLO (You Only Live Once). Live like everything is falling into its proper places though some things isn’t. Yes, there will always be lapses, mistakes, troubles, and betrayals but who cares, we aren’t perfect. Embrace the imperfections and learn how to dance with it using your normal coping mechanisms.

Life. (*sigh) Yeah, not so easy. It’s actually complicated and bold. But you know what? We just have to jump in and swim through it until we finally figure out our purpose. We will never know unless we try to and we will never ever realize how amazing life could turn out. After all, life is too short for playing safe.

Go out, Explore, Work, Travel, Socialize, Fall in love, Get hurt, Heal and Grow

Don’t be so dramatic and uptight to stay in your house just to; eat and get fat, watch television which is so pathetically overrated and sleep all day as if you’ve done enough for the day. Darling, life has a lot to offer. It doesn’t end in that four-wall room. Your life isn’t something you can rewind.There’s no such thing as fairy God-mother who will help you out to get away from your awful and sad living. Magic isn’t real until you make your own. So get up and help yourself, take that happy pill and put some glow on your face. Remember, never ever fear of being vulgar, fear of being boring.

If you’ll ask me about my learnings now that I’m twenty-seven, I would say “Love yourself” Quite simple, right? But that is one thing we tend to neglect all the time. Give value to your own being, treat yourself after a whole hell week at work. It will really help to bring back the good aura. Well, I kinda spoil myself in terms of that.

In this bizarre world, I’ve learned how to hold on when almost everything in me is falling apart, to strive when I have no choice and to make use of the things that I have when I think I’m losing too much. Life is kinda bumpy but I wouldn’t mind riding with it cos in this perfect way, I know I’m growing.

Napoleon Hill : Think and Grow Rich Review

 “You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself.” -Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

How do you achieve the success of your dreams? For real?

All I know before is that you need Perseverance and lots of Hard Work in order to achieve the success of your dreams or worst case scenario? It will remain forever a dream. But hey, I wouldn’t think my belief will turn into 360 degrees angle until I finished this very inspiring and life-changing book, Think and Grow Rich.

I’m a book lover, a book-worm, and a book enthusiast. I’ve been searching for months of a book that will inspire me and at least feed my hungry soul with new learnings and lessons; may it be in life, career or business. Not so long until a friend introduced this overwhelming book and even-handed me a copy. He’s such a blessing in disguise and I couldn’t thank him enough.
To start off, a man named Napoleon Hill dedicated about 20 years of his life to figure this out by studying and interviewing 500 of the most successful people at the time. People like Edison, Ford, Carnegie and etc. The result was a book called Think and Grow Rich. A book that went on to sell over 20 million copies. A book that greatly influenced the whole field of personal development as we know it today.

In the book, there is a mystery.” The secret to success”. It is mentioned in each chapter amongst stories of paths to success and various helpful tips and strategies. Napoleon Hill never explicitly tells us exactly what that secret is. It’s up to the readers to figure it out.

In my personal experience, he has used some strategies in order for the readers to fully understand and absorb his thoughts, he has used four Powers in his book, Think and Grow Rich

1. The Power of Repetition

He keeps it simple and then he repeats the most important things in various ways to really impress upon the reader how absolutely vital they are. One of the big points of the book is to get you to really get it and start taking action in your life instead of using the book as another magic pill and getting another temporary emotional high.

2. The Power of Real Life Stories

It is amazing that you will encounter true to life stories of success. It made you feel inspired by their stories, it showcased the possibility of reaching your goals because they succeed and so are you, and it entails their attitudes towards success; how they handle criticism, bullies, pressure, money, fame and finally success.
Trust me, these people will become your instant idol.

3. The Power of Eye-Catching Lines

This is one of the reasons why I continuously read the book, it contained highly reasonable and life twisting lines. It was amazing how the author got a blurb – those short lines you see. It is not how you actually interpret it as you’re reading it but how it moved you while you’re reading it until it will leave a mark on you.

He quickly gets to the point and shares lots of real and practically useful value in a simple but well-written way. He gives the book a very positive but also fair quote that is grounded in real life and not some hype about quick and unrealistically easy success.

4. The Power of Step-by-Step Process

Without the fundamentals of this book and the step-by-step plan, it will become a lot harder to organize all the things you read and actually understand what is absolutely essential for you in achieving your heart desires. The author really made sure to reiterate and highlights the most important.

“Success requires no explanation, Failure permits no alibis” –  Think and Grow Rich

This is the line that I couldn’t easily get over with because it moved me in an unexplainable way. The line could summarize the book already.

Success is something you don’t get overnight. You have to work hard for it and need to have the right attitude to appropriately respond to anything that could go along the way. Sometimes people are simply afraid to pursue something that seems to come so easily to them. Shouldn’t success be difficult? No, it shouldn’t and it isn’t. These are all excuses. And all the excuses in the world will destroy talent. Our talents will be there, waiting for us to fight through fear and “what ifs” until we realize what we should have been doing our entire lives. We have been given natural talents for a reason, to use them for the betterment of ourselves and to those who inhabit it.

Have you ever noticed that when you engage in an activity in which you are naturally talented, you feel energized, excited and optimistic? That’s a sign that these are the things you should be focusing upon. When you’re practically buzzing all over, so excited you can hardly stand still.

Your job is to find out what makes you buzz and begin to perfect it. Discover your brilliance in life and practice, practice, practice. You must hone your natural abilities to perfect them, concentrate on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Today this how I know; A Burning Desire is at most present because it is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off, mixed with lots of Faith, pour all of your Persistence and applied through a Plan and that plan must be set in Action; then you’re good to go! Enjoy the ride, you might encounter a lot of bumps along the way but as long as you know your destination, you’ll get through. And don’t forget what Napoleon Hill taught us Success comes to those who are success conscious We are the captain of our own ship, sail towards success!

I highly recommend this book because the author obviously wants us to work hard towards and achieve real success in our life. The book is not just about getting you to feel good for a short while (although it does that too). It’s about you taking personal responsibility for your own life and making what you want out of it.

“Take the road less traveled by and leave your own trail and at the end of the day, lift up all the glory to him. Because with him, you’ll never go wrong.”

Traveling Skills You Never Thought You’d Gained

Travel is one of those things that transforms people. You become a more developed and well-grounded person because of the experiences and traveling skills you have learned.

Travel has given people the most comprehensive education anyone could ever receive. It fills up the gaps of knowledge and skills, and you start to see how everything is connected when you finally discover the similarities and differences of various cultures, of different places, and of your persona.

In traveling, nothing is going to be given to you, but the more you put yourself out there, the more uncomfortable you are willing to be; the more amazing the experience you will encounter, almost every single time. It changes people in a variety of ways. Each and everyone has different perspectives, approach, attitudes, likes, and dislikes; so it really varies in every person and on how you’re willing to cope with it.

Traveling Skills gained:

Flexibility, Tolerance, and Patience – Some of you live in a world that is highly organized. Sometimes you get thrown off by some little things that don’t go with what you have planned; like when things don’t arrive on time when things don’t work out our way, and when things turned out to be nothing.

What travel teaches you is that when things don’t work out how they supposed to be, it’s usually pretty fine. You can take that lesson back to your real life and try to learn how to be flexible on things, tolerate stuff that you don’t have control unto, and be patient when everything is not working out. These skills are simple but only a few know how to pull it off. One day you wake up without knowing, it turned out to be the most important experience you have had in your travels.

Socialization – When traveling you are forced to communicate, whereas introverts people are scared while extroverts people have no problem with it. Anyhow, traveling is a big opportunity in meeting new people with different languages and cultures. It is a bit overwhelming but it could be a life changer for you. Who knows the person you were talking when you had your breakfast in Italy would be your future client or business partner? Life has its way of working out, so do you.

Being immerse in social situations with new people having different values and dialects, you have to really try to communicate with them to get around and actually acclimate in the society. This skill will come in handy when you come back home. Socialization is a fundamental skill in order to succeed in life. Once you’re good at it you will gain self-confidence that will boost your self-esteem.

These are actually a life changer!

Decision Making – Some people have a hard time making decisions, may it be personal, for the family, for work, and etc. You might have a go-to-guy all the time to help you figure out what decision you must pursue or you might have someone in your life that makes decisions for you. But when you travel, especially when you’re alone, you have to make your own because you have no one depend on but yourself.

This skill will help you grow as an individual, you will discover your own person. What are your priorities, likes, and dislikes? This is important in life and you’re lucky if you learned it well while traveling.

Time Management – When you go to a new city or country, it’s likely that you will be there for a short period of time like a couple of days or a few weeks. Before you go to your travel destination you must be ready with your itinerary. What will you prioritize this day, what activities you will best do, and food to taste. This skill is very important not only for traveling but also when you come back home.

Budgeting – When you travel, money is likely to come into place. You have to spend your money accordingly, how much you need every day for your transportation, hotel, food, and miscellaneous.

Everyone knows that traveling is a great way to learn, but until you’re out there that you realize that the extent of the stuff you learn and still don’t know is fascinating. Traveling has taught everyone something that really essential for our personal growth and career; If you have the opportunity, go and grab it!

To the girl who’s ready for love, but slaps her every time

You were in a place where nobody knew your heart even a little bit. You build walls around it and wonders why no one ever saves you. You think you deserve that pain but you don’t. All you want to do is to wrap yourself in a duvet and cry your heart out until you fall asleep. You feel afraid, cynical and in doubt at the same time; and yet you manage to pull yourself over every single day.

To the girl who’s ready for love, just because you aren’t happy now doesn’t mean you won’t be.

Life will break you with its yearning. Nobody can protect you from that and living alone won’t either. You have to love. You have to take a chance. You have to believe that you are capable of love. You have to fight the fear inside you; forgive yourself for not knowing the things you didn’t know before you learned it. Unload all your baggage for you to feel light. Try not to compare yourself from the girl you once saw in the coffee shop or to the girl he left you for. Try not to feel jealous about the things, people or places because it’s toxic. Just keep living and let life happen.

To the girl who’s ready for love, sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.

Love is not complicated as it seems. Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes be, as unaccomplished as you think you are and as empty as you feel deep down. Align yourself with someone who supports your growth and if ever you meet somebody whose soul is not aligned with yours, move along. Don’t waste your time; don’t chase people and never fall into a one-sided relationship. Always know that you deserve better because you’re worthy of love and belongingness.

You wonder if things can happen too early or too late or if everything happens exactly the right time that you needed it. If so, love will always be sad and beautiful.

Darling, I assure you, your time for love will eventually come when it’s due. You don’t need to stop your world from revolving while waiting for it. Singlehood is one of the best times of your life, embrace it. Pour out your love extravagantly that when people see it; they get moved and wonder how and why. And by that time, you will never run out of love to give and you’ll be amazed how brave your heart has become.

To the girl who’s ready for love, be single until it’s time.

Enjoy your company; enjoy your time alone and learn that life is wonderful without explanations. Manage on your own, have the world upon your feet, learn new stuff and follow your intense obsession. This is the perfect time to love and spoil yourself abundantly.

 To the girl who’s ready for love, never be afraid to fall back in love again.

Do not be cynical; trust everyone until they prove otherwise. Learn to let love find you when it’s pure, when it’s genuine, when it’s simple, when it’s mutual and when it’s passionate.
Just like the Sunrise; it rises stunningly and like the Sunset; it sets beautifully in its own perfect time.

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